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Where's the Roman villa?

The East Cliff has been a busy place for thousands of years, the site of a magnificent Roman villa, and important for early industry.

The first villa was built here around 1,900 years ago, with a second larger villa built about 100 years later. It may have been built by the British Fleet, the Classis Britannica, to provide food and supplies to the military. Before the Romans, coins, pottery, salt and quern stones were all made here with a harbour for ships to trade with the continent. This all seems to have stopped when the villa was built.

The villa’s outline can be seen in a dry summer; see if you can find the panel showing a larger reconstruction of what the villa might have looked like.


Re-enactor dressed as a Roman centurion
A reconstruction of what the Roman Villa may have looked like
Excavation of the villa site in 1924
Quern stone being used to grind grain into flour
Alexanders is a plant brought here by the Romans