Funds for School Projects

The WCCP has a small fund for improvements to school grounds that benefit wildlife.  This fund was established ....

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Samphire Hoe School Visits

The White Cliffs Countryside Partnership is happy to accept school visits to our sites. We are able to offer guided visits around Samphire Hoe together with copies of the education worksheet for Samphire Hoe. The cost is 75 for a half day visit with a ranger. Contact Paul Holt at Samphire Hoe (01304 225649) to discuss your requirements and book a visit. He can be contacted by email:

We may be able to offer guided visits to schools to other sites (eg East Cliff & Warren Country Park or St Margaret's Bay on request).


Rock Pooling at Samphire Hoe
Samphire Hoe school visits pg 1