Slipping and sliding

The land below the world famous White Cliffs, is known as Folkestone Warren, and is one of only a few such places in Britain created by landslips.

The chalk lies on top of softer rock here, leading to landslips over hundreds, or possibly thousands, of years to form the Undercliff. The beautiful woodland may look ancient, with the abundant Hart’s-tongue Fern, but old photos show that the trees are less than 100 years old. Trees have been able to grow here only since grazing stopped in 1924.

There are free guides to the walking routes to help you explore the history and wildlife of Folkestone Warren, or join one of the regular guided walks.


View of the Warren from the clifftop path
Trees and hart's-tongue fern in the Warren
Primrose path in the Warren
Landslip in the Warren in 1915
Zigzag path down into the Warren
Panel 10 Slipping and sliding (low res)