Beside the seaside

Folkestone Warren’s seashore is rich in wildlife and is now protected as a Marine Conservation Zone.

The hard rocks provide many different habitats for wildlife. Seaweeds can cling to the rocks, lots of animals live in the rock pools, with the rocks providing hiding places. The warmer water of the Channel meets the colder water of the North Sea, with wildlife from east and west meeting here.

Discover the rock pools at low tide, or take a walk along the sea wall at high tide. You can download the free guides to walking routes or join one of the regular events.


Rockpooling at the Warren
Sea anemones in the rock pools at the Warren
Grey seals can often be seen in the sea off the Warren
Wild cabbage can be found growing along the sea wall
Have a go at rock pooling
Panel 6 Beside the seaside (low res)