When the Warren went to war

Folkestone Warren has been a target for invaders for 2,000 years or more, as it is close to the continent.

During World War Two, Folkestone was on the frontline with invasion expected in 1940. Defences were built, including the gun battery on Copt Point, and the Warren was closed off to prevent it being used by invaders. The large concrete structures in the Warren are not military but were built by the railway company to stop landslips.

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You can learn more about the East Cliff Battery at Copt Point, with a map showing the World War layout at the following page (Click Here):

Folkestone East Battery (Copt Point)


Re-enactor dressed as World War 2 soldier
East Cliff Battery (courtesy of Alan Taylor)
Warren sealed off with barbed wire (courtesy of Alan Taylor)
World War Two observation post on Martello Tower No 3
Panel 1 When the Warren went to war